Clean energy & dirty business

I think that I’ve found a good track: there is a small listed company who has invested quite a lot in clean energy business. The goal was to make money quickly thanks also to public incentives. This company has an inglorious past and an uncertain future: once was used as a laundry by Massimo Ciancimino, now – with new owners – has big liquidity problems and too many debts. The owners themselves – an holding controlled by two of the most powerful italian lawyer’s families – have too many debts and are negotiating with banks a debt-restructuring plan. As said, the listed company has invested a lot buying energy plants and, above all, areas and projects in order to build new solar plants. In Sicily the company has a big development project worth more than 25 millions euro. Partner of the project is a little company owned by a man involved in many investigations: he is in business with people tied to Matteo Messina Denaro, the new boss of Cosa Nostra…
In a few days I’ll release the full story.

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